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OF.ME.TRA.’s mechanical stamping is supported by professional and highly skilled external associates with whom the company has developed a beneficial and constant collaboration over the years: die makers, welders, galvanization and raw material suppliers in which OF.ME.TRA. has the maximum confidence, and who allow the company to fulfil customization requests of clients with speed and professionalism. 


We will be present at the Mecspe Fair – Parma (Italy).
We will be present at the Blechexpo Fair – Stuttgart (Germany).

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Innovative and quality mechanical stamping 

Constant technological improvement, continuous update of the machinery and targeted specialized skills are the main objectives achieved by the Research & Development of OF.ME.TRA. mechanical stamping which, over the years, has guaranteed its clients maximum quality and completely customized products, combined with competitive prices and always on time deliveries. 


For its mechanical stamping projects, OF.ME.TRA. uses only the latest generation machinery, such as transferized presses ideal for creating high-quality finished products with minimum waste in a single pass, thereby maximizing the entire production cycle, notably reducing costs and work times.


The company production, composed of mechanical stamping, cold molding and sheet metal bending, performed in full compliance with the standard regulations in force, is aimed at companies of the most varied commodity sectors in Italy and abroad, particularly in northern and eastern Europe.


OF.ME.TRA.’s objective has always been well defined: to reach the maximum quality of its products with full client satisfaction, presenting itself as a trustworthy and innovative partner, in full compliance with the regulations in force for the performance of mechanical stamping, cold molding and sheet metal bending. 

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From small to large series with highly efficient and trustworthy production flows. 


The wide range of 30 to 800 ton presses fully equipped with the latest generation technology allows OF.ME.TRA. to offer small and large series of products made to measure, with constantly updated, versatile and easy to use systems: a large investment in terms of innovation of the company, synonymous with a high efficiency and trustworthy cold molding, sheet metal bending and transfer die production chain. 

100% Made in Italy mechanical stamping  

Since 1971, the company has successfully undergone two important enlargements: the first one in 1998 and the second one in 2006, in addition to the achievement of the ISO 9001 quality certification obtained in 2012 for its mechanical stamping works. A series of continuous and encouraging positive results possible thanks to the enthusiasm and freshness of the new generation of the family, wisely coordinated by the great experience of its founder, Mr. Pelizzari, who guided the company to the constant growth of its prospects, with an eye towards the future and maximum collaboration.

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